Urgent NEWS regarding Cladding behinds having their approvals revoked

On 21 February 2019 the Victorian Building Authority issues a media release outlining the none previously approved cladding products have had the Codemark Certificates revoked.

There is much information surrounding this or how it will play out in due course. This is one defect that will be around for some time.

The products are:

  • CM40029 Ozone Panel Building Systems
  • CM40066 Alpolic A2
  • CM40067 Alpolic FR
  • CM40076 Ultrabond FR
  • CM40079 Vitrabond FR
  • CM40082 Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
  • CM40093 Larson FR
  • CM40138 Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
  • CM40162 Cladex FR

See link below for further information.